If it weren’t for that road…

If it weren’t for that road…

There have been times where I felt that I was going about things exactly the right way. Following the play book, asking the right questions, making the right moves and adjustments. Then, all of a sudden, what I had been working so hard on or investing so much of my time in, comes crashing down, or I pull a thread and the entire fabric of my hard work unravels right in my hands.

At one time I had a beautiful garment and now I am looking at a pile of thread that lay at my feet with no way to identify which piece goes where. So, I mull it around in my mind. I did everything, “by the book,” that I was supposed to do. I followed every rule. I crossed every T and dotted every i. What could have gone wrong?

Because of my obsession for my plans to go exactly as I map them out and directly in line with my list of to-do items, it makes me susceptible to blocking out the outside noise and only focusing on the target in front of me. Now, if I was in the army or in some field where focus on a target is the matter of life or death, then yes, I did exactly what I was supposed to do. But this is life; where oftentimes the outside noise shapes the way that we view the target as well as the direction in which we may end up getting to that desired end goal.

So much of life is a “guessing game.” We are so busy fitting pieces together that we miss out on the “fun” that we have just trying to figure out what piece goes where…or doesn’t.  Whether we try several pieces in the same spot or we randomly pick up a piece and it happens to be exactly what we needed; at some point we have to realize that things don’t happen by chance but that there is a lesson in every circumstance or situation whether planned or not. The only rule in that game is “how are you maximizing your experience and broadening your understanding to benefit you?”

So what that guy didn’t work out? Or that job was not what you expected it to be? Maybe that friend was not who you thought they were. What did you pull from those situations that made you a little bit better than how you went in?

What I have come to realize is that, yes, we have goals and dreams and we want to make them happen. There is absolutely no problem with having and setting goals. But even more so, there are more lessons awaiting us in the path that it takes to get there than there are in the end destination.