Back to School: We ready! We ready!

Back to School: We ready! We ready!

Welp, it’s time! This has been a much dreaded and much awaited event and it has finally made its debut. It’s back to school time and Bash is going to Kindergarten!

My anxiety has been all over the place. I have been thinking about him starting school day and night for months. I have been making up scenarios about how the first day will go. I have even struggled with sleeping some nights because it has been all I’ve thought about. Making sure that he has all he needs, worrying about him catching on to this new learning experience and don’t let me forget about how much brain power I have been using worrying if he will be able to make new friends.

Bash has never been in any type of childcare or pre-kindergarten program, so the adjustment is definitely going to be something new for both of us. My mom has been watching him since he has been home from the hospital and that has only changed recently when my mom got sick. He has not had to utilize social skills without me being around to coach him on how to introduce himself to people. He has an innocence about him that worries me. I constantly think about if he will be able to handle himself without me being able to watch him and insert myself as needed. Oh, the nerves!

I do have to admit. As the date gets closer, I do feel some of my worries slowing waning and turning into excitement. I am receiving more information and getting a better understanding of how the entire school system works which provides a great deal of reassurance.

I want to share some of the little tricks that I did to help me feel better about the upcoming big day!

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask “stupid” questions. The more you know, the better prepared you feel. At Meet the Teacher I was able to get information about supplies that he needed…or didn’t need that was actually on the list. (It saved me some money and possibly extra trips). I also got a better understanding of how the first day drop off would go.
  2. Read everything that the school/teacher sends via mail or email. This is where you will find vital information that may fill in the gaps and answer those last-minute questions.
  3. Get connected! The teacher and school will send out information regarding school messaging systems, apps to download for classroom communication, and you will even be able to connect with other parents to get better acquainted with the other children in the classroom.
  4. Talk to your kid. Ask how they feel about the upcoming big day. Filter out any concerns that they may be feeling. Talk to them about some of the new experiences they will have.
  5. Speak life. Bash has an affirmation that he says in the mornings before we leave the house. “I am brave. I am strong. I am intelligent.” He may not understand it right now but as he grows older, the words will develop a meaning for him which will help him to grow and stand strong in the person that he is. (Remind them who they are so when they leave the house they don’t forget.)

There are a number of other things that I can add to this list, like take deep breaths and remember that you can’t control what happens when you’re not around. But in all reality that will likely cause increased anxiety. What I will say is simply enjoy this moment. This will be a time that you will never get back and you don’t want to miss out on the excitement of getting ready today by worrying about the what ifs of tomorrow.

Have fun and good luck!


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